What to bring and what to expect                                                                                  Print Directions to the Spearhead Ranch

You should receive your Deer &/or Antelope licenses by July 15th. We expect 100% draw for both species. Please read the Game and Fish regulations that come with your licenses before your trip. We will have Wyoming Archery Permits ($30) and Conservation Stamps ($12.50) you can purchase here at the ranch. 

Rifle hunters born after Jan 1, 1966 will need a Hunter Safety Card. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR WYOMING HUNTING LICENSES WITH YOU!!

We require a 50% deposit to book a hunt. Remaining balance will be due when you arrive in camp for your hunt (no personal checks please.)

The map page gives directions to the ranch. Please plan to arrive after 2 PM on the day before your hunt, and to leave by Noon on the day after your hunt. For insurance and licensing reasons we will no longer be offering transportation from the Casper airport. Many hunters rent a car in Casper or Denver so they have some flexibility in transportation. It is a 5 hr drive from Denver to the Spearhead, but reduces the risk of lost luggage and solves the problem of limited connecting flights into and out of Casper (which is an 80 mile, 1.5 hr drive to the ranch.

We have a nice Bunkhouse Complex that takes the roughing-it out of your hunt with 2 beds per room, men’s & women’s bathrooms with showers, and a large area for visiting. In an effort to make your packing easier we will have pillows, sheets, and comforters available for those that don’t want to pack a bedroll. You will have to supply your own towels. We do not provide maid service so we ask you to pick up after yourself. We will furnish all the meals while you are on the ranch. We do not provide alcoholic beverages or soda. While we are not a party camp you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic refreshments.

All hunters should have a flashlight, water bottles, knife, and their usual hunting gear. Bow Hunters will also need a urine bottle. We suggest everyone bring along a good pair of binoculars and a camera. It is important for archery hunters to consider books or other items to keep them occupied while sitting in a blind for an extended period. While a “scent loc” suit is not necessary, scent control is important. For reasons of scent control we discourage short sleeve shirts and shorts in the blinds. 

It is hard to predict the weather in Wyoming so prepare for anything from Snow to 90 degree temperatures. The Antelope Bow Hunters will want to dress in layers, because it is usually pretty cool when you first get to a blind, but can warm up fast during the day.

We have a walk-in cooler and chest freezers on the ranch to keep your game from spoiling. We use a processing plant in Douglas, which does an excellent job, and will box your meat or have it ready for your cooler. If using the processor, plan on paying approximately $120 per animal. Whether you are cutting up the game yourself or using the processor now is the time to think about how you would like to transport your trophy and meat home. If you want to cut up your game yourself plan to bring a cooler with you to keep meat from spoiling on your trip home. For those of you wishing to donate their meat you are still required to pay the processing charge. We can arrange to have your trophies caped or mounted by a recommended taxidermist if you desire. 

You should plan to arrive at the ranch well before nightfall to give yourself time to unpack and make sure your bow or rifle is still in working order. Also keep in mind the ranch can be difficult to find in the dark if you have not been here before. We will have a large dinner around six o’clock (we will keep it warm for you if your running late.) Immediately after dinner we will have a brief orientation about the ranch and hunt. It will likely be dark after the orientation so plan on checking your equipment before dinner. We will plan on settling your remaining balance and checking your licenses before or after dinner.

The Antelope hunters are taken to a blind about daylight and picked up just before dark. It takes patience and determination to be able to sit quietly 12-15 hours at a time, but the reward of a trophy size Antelope makes it all worthwhile. We have a signal system worked out to check on you during the day without disturbing the Antelope in the area. Be sure to practice shooting while sitting down and also standing with knees bent. Shot distances range from 10-25 yards and average about 17 yards. The size of the shooting window varies, but minimum is 10"hx8"w. The blinds are pretty dark so the camouflage you use is not real important as long as you have something dark in color. 

The Mule Deer hunting is mostly spot-and-stalk, but we also utilize tree stands, waterhole blinds, and walking the creek bottoms. Your usual camouflage will work fine, but if you are looking for an excuse to buy something new look for open country patterns with gray, straw, or brown colors.

The Antelope hunters don't need to get started until there is good daylight. We drive to the area we are going to hunt (2-20 minute driving time) and use binoculars or spotting scopes to try and find the `big ones'. We will work at getting in close enough for you to be comfortable with your shot. 

The Mule Deer hunting starts early so we can be in our hunting area by daylight (5-30 minute drive). We look for deer while they are out browsing in the mornings and in the evenings. During the middle of the day we walk the draws to find them while they are bedded down.

Rifle caliber is not as important as familiarity with your gun, .243 caliber is minimum legal size, and has adequate power.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything further from us before your hunt. HUNTING CAMP PHONE #: (307) 358-1910 (Not in use other than hunting season)


3493 Ross Rd
Douglas, WY 82633

PHONE: (307) 358-3607